Speed Up Your Cash Flow With Invoice Factoring

Viva Capital Funding is an accounts receivable factoring company that has spent more than two decades perfecting its principles and processes. Our commitment to helping our customers has earned us the reputation of being efficient, dependable, and proactive. 

With more than 100 years of combined finance and accounting experience, our dedicated team is fully equipped to help your business with a financing solution that catapults the growth of your company. We are dedicated to helping businesses across numerous B2B industries grow through simple, fast, debt-free financing solutions. 

While we operate across the united states, Viva Capital primarily serves the following locations: 

Dallas, TX

As the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, Dallas has some of the USA’s highest concentrations of high-tech manufacturing and service companies. It is also the transportation hub and trucking and distribution center of the Southwest. Don’t let cash flow shortages derail your success; make sure your business is ready to compete with the best. Viva Capital’s Dallas invoice factoring services can help your business gain access to the short-term, debt-free funding you need, when you need it, no matter what industry you are in.

El Paso, TX

El Paso boasts a great living experience and a best-in-class, business-friendly operating environment. With an average of 302 days of sun every year, delicious cuisine, and great opportunities for businesses in a number of industries, we at Viva Capital are proud to be based out of El Paso. From our first client over 20 years ago, our invoice factoring services have grown from covering just the transportation industry to providing a cash flow solution for businesses in nearly every commercial industry. 

Houston, TX

Houston has one of the youngest, fastest-growing, and most diverse populations anywhere in the world. Houston is a thriving international city. It has one of the largest ports in the US, two international airports, and a well-developed suite of global industries. In such a thriving city, falling behind is not an option. Stay ahead of your competition by ensuring you have the money to tackle any situation. Invoice factoring services are a debt-free, fast, efficient way to give your business access to operating capital.

New York

There’s no other city on earth with energy to rival New York’s. The fast pace, the buzzing traffic, the hustle and bustle of the people, and so many more factors give this city its vibrant reputation. While New York has its fair share of invoice factoring companies, if you’re looking to partner with a reliable, experienced factor, Viva Capital can help. Serving almost every commercial industry, we can turn your unpaid invoices into almost immediate cash.

Phoenix, AZ

As the fastest growing city in the country, Phoenix, AZ, offers businesses ample opportunities to grow and flourish. There is no need to turn to a bank if your business needs funding. Invoice factoring services give you the money you need to pay essential business expenses and grow your company. With more than 20 years of experience, Viva Capital is a trusted Phoenix factoring company that can help solve cash flow problems for businesses in a variety of fields, including the transportation, oilfield, healthcare, and service provider industries.

San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX, is well known for being a great place to start a new business or settle down in an area that favors collaboration, growth, and profitability. With so many opportunities for success, slow-paying customers shouldn’t be what holds your business back from reaching its full potential. Viva Capital’s invoice factoring services in San Antonio offer a convenient, debt-free financing option that gives your business the cash necessary to keep operating at the optimal level and growing to where it should be.


Does your Texas-based business need access to funding, but the hurdles of traditional bank loans and lines of credit are holding you back? Viva Capital has spent over two decades building a reputation as a trusted, proactive, and efficient factor. We provide invoice factoring services to businesses across America, but we are proud to call Texas our home. Get cash for your unpaid invoices today and partner with a top factoring company like Viva Capital.

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