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Providing small businesses with tailored funding solutions since 1999, Viva Capital Funding’s Construction Quick Pay Program can help you build stronger relationships with subcontractors and boost profitability.

Construction Quick Pay

You’re a seasoned contractor. You know how to lock in projects that already have funding secured and have built a strong reputation with clients and subcontractors alike. As someone who’s been in the industry for some time, you also know that business customers don’t always pay what you expect when you expect it.

Meanwhile, your subcontractors are racking up their own bills. They’ve paid for supplies and labor. Waiting for payment from you is hard and sometimes not even an option. Relax – paying your subcontractors doesn’t need to be a hassle. You’ve got Viva’s Quick Pay Program on your side to help you streamline your subcontractor payments. With Quick Pay, you can ensure select subcontractors get paid when they need cash most and keep more money in both your pockets.

Construction Quick Pay Process

Sign up and offer Quick Pay to selected subcontractors
You choose which of your subcontractors qualify for Quick Pay.

Add projects to Quick Pay Portal and link subcontractors to their projects
You’re in total control of which projects subcontractors can request Quick Pay on too.

Your subcontractor applies
Subcontractors can then choose to apply or wait for your standard payment terms.

You approve and determine the amount. When a subcontractor submits their pay application, you’ll receive a notice and be asked to visit the Portal to approve the request and determine the total amount approved for payment.

Viva funds the subcontractor
The subcontractor will be asked to sign and upload documents (i.e., partial lien releases, waivers, etc.); they can receive the payment right away via wire transfer or check.

The account is settled at client payment
Once your client pays you and payment has been made to Viva, the account is cleared based on the terms set in your Quick Pay Program agreement.

Quick Pay Benefits and Uses

Quick Pay Benefits and Advantages for General Contractors

Increased Profitability
General contractors pay nothing to participate. Quick Pay helps keep your projects on track, and you may even qualify for rebates that add more money to your pocket.

Funding Control
From start to finish, you’re in control of who gets funded, how much, and when with Quick Pay bill payment Features.

Use Quick Pay as needed and maintain control of the payment cycle with your subcontractors without depleting your cash on hand.

Maximizes Working Capital
Your subcontractors are covered without any cash out of pocket from your company so that you can maximize your resources for your operations.

Improved Subcontractor Relationships and Loyalty
Accelerated subcontractor payments keep subcontractors happier, so you can build stronger relationships and boost repeat projects with the best ones.

Reduced Subcontractor Funding Inquiries
With Quick Pay, subcontractors know exactly when they’ll get paid, so you can all focus on the task at hand.

Quick Pay Benefits and Advantages for Subcontractors

Reduced Funding Inquiries to General Contractor
With a payment application for the construction industry that is as effective as Quick Pay, subcontractors know when they’ll be paid and how much, plus everything is managed via the portal, so there’s less back-and-forth.

Quick Pay can be leveraged for individual projects and milestones, allowing the subcontractor to choose when to accelerate payment after it’s been offered.

Cash Flow Acceleration
Subcontractors get paid faster, so they have more working capital for project expenses and less stress.

Viva offers competitive rates, making Quick Pay an affordable way to accelerate cash flow.

Quick Pay Use Cases

The Viva Quick Pay Program is designed for experienced general contractors who typically work on projects that already have funds earmarked, such as government contracts and those with large corporations.

Once you’re set-up, you can add all types of subcontractors to your Quick Pay portal, including those who specialize in:

Carpentry and floor work






Fire alarms and sprinklers



Windows and doors


Masonry, stonework tile setting, and plastering

Painting and paper hanging


Roofing, siding, and sheet metal work

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At Viva, we understand how important it is to keep your project on schedule and maintain strong working relationships with quality subcontractors because we’ve been supporting the construction industry for decades. From self-service portals for you and your subcontractors to fast, affordable, and reliable funding, we make the process as simple as possible, so you can all focus on the task at hand and build stronger, more profitable businesses.

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