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How Factoring Finance Works

Use Your Invoices to Get Cash…Now

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What Is Factoring?

Factoring is an agreement between a supplier/provider (you) of goods and services and a factor (Viva Capital), in which the factor pays you a percentage of an accounts receivable and provides you with cash immediately. The factor then assumes responsibility for collecting from the customer that owes you for goods and services. In simplified terms, we buy the invoice from you to give you working capital to continue to grow.

Why Factor?

It’s simple. You need cash to keep your business running, but your customer has a period of time to pay. Instead of waiting for a customer to pay, let Viva Capital provide you with working capital to fill your new orders.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: A customer places an order with your company.

Step 2: Your company verifies the credit of your customer with Viva Capital.

Step 3: Your company completes the order to the approved customer.

Step 4: You sell the approved invoices to Viva Capital and receive cash within 24 hrs.

Step 5: Viva Capital’s account receivables experts handle the collection process for you.

Step 6: You keep track of your invoices 24/7 with our Account Receivable Reporting.

We’re here to alleviate the complications of collections.

Viva Capital is here to be your partner!

Turn your invoices into immediate cash.

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