At Viva Capital, we know the challenges transportation companies face because we’ve been in the transportation industry ourselves. That’s why we offer fuel discount cards at no cost to our transportation clients. We’ve already helped you get cash back into your business, and now we want to help you spend it wisely.

The Ideal Fuel Card for Truckers and Small Trucking Companies

If you own a transportation or trucking business, we know what keeps your fleet moving: fuel. As the perfect accompaniment to your transportation factoring services, Viva’s fuel card and advance program is a gateway to big discounts on fuel costs and other services that keep your wheels on the road. Plus it comes with tools that can help you boost your trucking fuel efficiency, business operations, and profit.

Benefits of Trucking Fuel Cards

1. Save an average of 49 cents per gallon every day!

When you’re burning through several thousands of gallons a month, those savings really start to add up. You could be saving an estimated $15,925.00 annually!

2. Get Cash Prices at the Pump

The difference between cash and card prices can be huge. Rest assured that you’re getting the best possible price with our fuel discount card for truckers.

3. Cards Accepted at 1000+ Locations Nationwide

What good is a discount card if you can’t find a gas station that accepts it? That’s why we’ve made sure that our fuel cards for owner-operators and transportation companies work with over 1,000 locations around the country.

4. Simplified Funds Transfers

When your fleet is out on the road, the last thing you want is for one of your trucks to run out of fuel money. With our fuel cards, you can quickly transfer funds to your driver to keep them on the road. The trucking industry is capital intensive, but it’s the backbone of your business. When your trucks aren’t moving, our country grinds to a halt.


Viva Really makes an effort to ensure we are taken care of, something we didn’t feel with our other factoring companies.

Raul R. | R. Ramirez Transport | Texas

Fuel Card Success Story

Find out how R. Ramirez Express, a Viva Capital Funding client, has saved $5,000 per year on fuel with the help of the Viva Capiral Funding’s Fuel Card Program!

Advantages of the Viva Fuel Card Program

Owner-operators and small carriers manage expenses more efficiently and save big.
You don’t need to have a fleet to qualify for Viva’s fuel card for truckers. You can unlock deep fuel discounts and other benefits even if you’re an owner-operator with a single truck. 

  • Better budget management with adjustable fuel and non-fuel expense limits you set
  • Discounts on preventative maintenance, oil changes, tires, and more at TA Truck Service Centers 
  • Save an average of 40 cents per gallon and pay no transaction fees
  • Leverage fuel management tools on the dedicated client website and mobile app, including an interactive Fuel Finder map
  • Runs on both the Comdata and EFS platform, so you can use what’s best for your company
  • 24/7 account management via the app and website, including in-depth reporting for superior management
  • 24/7 access to customer service representatives

Benefits of a Fuel Advance Program

1. Receive Up to 50% of Your Load’s Value in Advance

Get paid up to 50% of a load’s invoice value as soon as we can confirm it’s loaded.

2. Get Paid How You Want

Have your fuel advance loaded to your fuel card and maximize your savings or sent to your bank account to use however you wish.

3. Accept the Loads You Want

Any load you’re factoring with Viva can qualify for a fuel advance, giving you more freedom to choose the brokers and shippers you want to work with.

4. Stabilize Cash Flow and Grow

Manage your business easier with a stable, steady income and accept more work in total confidence that you can cover all associated expenses.

Motor Carrier Success Story

Apart from Viva Capital offering Cold Way Transportation fuel cards learn how we were able to help them grow their revenue by 47% and expand with new equipment within 12 months.

The Viva Fuel Card Program Creates an End-to-End Solution

Viva clients receive a wealth of benefits, including accelerated cash flow, flexibility, and no long-term contracts. When you layer in the fuel card program at absolutely no cost to you, you also get greater control over your number-one expense— fuel. 

Once you’re set up for factoring with Viva, you can enroll in the Fuel Card Program and immediately start taking advantage of all the benefits available with our fuel cards. In addition, you can receive up to 50 percent of a factored load’s invoice value as an advance on your card as soon as it has been picked up.

At Viva Capital Funding we understand how demanding the transport industry is, and when trucking is your business, you need to keep your fleet moving. If your fleet is not on the road, your business stops operating

With decades in the industry, competitive rates, and perks like the Fuel Card Program, Viva can help you take your trucking company to the next level. If you’re not already signed up with our freight factoring company, get started by requesting a complimentary rate quote. If you’re already factoring with Viva but don’t have your fuel card yet, connect with your account manager to get set up.

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