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Freight Factoring Fuel Cards & Advances

Fuel Cards and Advances

At Viva Capital, we know the issues transportation companies face because we’ve been in the transportation industry ourselves. That’s why we offer fuel discount cards at no cost to our transportation clients.  We’ve already helped you get cash back into your business, and now we want to help you spend it wisely.

If you own a transportation company, we know what keeps your fleet moving: fuel.

Fuel Advance Benefits
Save up to 10 cents per gallon every day
1. Save up to 10 cents per gallon every day

When you’re burning through several thousands of gallons a month, those savings really start to add up. Even utilizing our fuel card for only 10,000 gallons per month would yield $12,000 in annual savings.

Get Cash Prices at the Pump
2. Get Cash Prices at the Pump

The difference between cash and card prices can be huge. Rest assured that you’re getting the best possible price with our fuel discount card.

Cards Accepted at 900+ Locations Nationwide
3. Cards Accepted at 900+ Locations Nationwide

What good is a discount card if you can’t find a gas station that accepts it? That’s why we’ve made sure that our cards work with over 900 locations around the country.

Simplified Funds Transfers
4. Simplified Funds Transfers

When your fleet is out on the road, the last thing you want is for one of your trucks to run out of fuel money. With our fuel cards, you can quickly transfer funds to your driver to keep them on the road. The trucking industry is capital intensive, but it’s the backbone of your business. When your trucks aren’t moving, our country grinds to a halt.

Start saving on fuel.

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