Compared to long-term loans and traditional business loans, short-term financing can help business owners meet their company’s current funding needs faster and more easily.

There are times when our clients need a relatively small amount of working capital for a short period of time to secure a new client or pursue a growth opportunity. When this occurs, we can provide clients with a loan to bridge the gap based on mutually agreed-upon terms that are in your company’s best interest. Viva Capital can help you with short-term financing when your business needs it most.

Short-Term Loan Benefits

  • Improve cash flow
  • Extra capital during busier seasons
  • Emergency funding to buy or fix equipment
  • Shorter time for incurring interest
  • Easier approval than money borrowed on a long-term basis

Who Needs Short-Term Financing?

Many companies have short-term financing needs for a variety of reasons, including seasonality, a large new contract opportunity, repairs, maintenance, or equipment purchases. Our clients want to pay off the loan quickly and avoid long-term debt which might come with restrictions from a commercial bank.

With Viva Capital as your funding partner, we take a unique approach to helping your business succeed and grow by providing you access to capital when you need it.

Eligibility for a Short-Term Business Loan

Unlike the grueling task of applying for a traditional bank loan – a glacial process with stringent requirements such as business plans, financial statements, tax records, and all the supporting documentation – a short-term loan provides cash almost instantly.

This type of small business financing places more value on your business’s turnover and trading history than on its credit rating, although we do prefer to have a credit history established with your company.

With our extensive experience in commercial banking, we draw on that knowledge to structure a short-term loan that is the best solution for your company. We happily go the extra mile to help your business succeed by delivering when we are needed the most with our short-term financing program.

At Viva Capital, we understand the challenges businesses like yours face and how to bridge the gap between the big bank mentality and the reality of modern business. If short-term financing seems like the right fit for your company, contact Viva Capital Funding for more information.


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