How R. Ramirez Express relaunched and eliminated refueling headaches with the help from Viva’s transportation factoring and fuel card programs.

Small Fleet Refueling Challenges

Managing the growth of his small El Paso trucking company hasn’t always been easy, Raul Ramirez admits. Originally launched in 2002, the wheels of the ten-truck fleet at R. Ramirez Express came to a stop for a brief period before relaunching a few years ago. Known for their superior service and diligence in delivering freight in pristine condition on time, the company quickly developed a new problem: maintaining sufficient cash flow to keep up with growing demand. Ramirez found himself regularly racing to Western Union stations to wire money into drivers’ accounts so they could refuel or get repairs. It was exhausting and took his focus away from activities that would put the business on a more sustainable growth path.

“Viva really makes an effort to ensure we are taken care of, something we didn’t feel with other factoring companies.”

Solved by Fuel Cards by Viva Capital

Ramirez began looking into freight factoring companies and felt a wave of relief when he came across Viva two years ago. “Viva really makes an effort to ensure we are taken care of, something we didn’t feel with other factoring companies,” he says.

Now set up with Viva’s freight factoring services and fuel cards, the growing trucking company no longer worries whether they can accept a load or how they’ll cover fuel costs when they do. The program gives transportation companies up to 50 percent of a load’s invoice value as soon as Viva receives confirmation it’s been loaded. “I just call my account manager at Viva, and she takes care of the rest,” Ramirez explains.

The fuel cards are accepted at more than 1,000 locations, which simplifies things even more. Plus, the cards give the company discounts on maintenance and more and save up to 59 cents per gallon. “We’re saving anywhere from $73 to $177 per full tank,” Ramirez says. “We use our fuel cards every day.”

With their refueling challenges solved, and enhanced ability to accept more loads and grow, Ramirez Express plans to continue working with Viva and expand with more equipment.

Explore Viva’s Freight Factoring and Fuel Card Programs

With decades in the industry, competitive rates, and perks like the Fuel Card Program, Viva can help your trucking company reach its next stage of growth. If you’re not signed up for freight factoring yet, request a complimentary rate quote to get started. If you’re already working with Viva but don’t have your fuel card yet, connect with your account manager to get set up.

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