If you own a business in the manufacturing industry, you’re an ideal candidate for factoring finance. If you’re not familiar with factoring, it’s as simple as selling your invoices to a third-party financier. It’s the quickest way to get working capital back into your company. With typical payment terms in the manufacturing industry of 60, 90 or even 120 days, starting a financing relationship with Viva Capital is a great decision.

What We Offer

Of course, we offer other services besides factoring. We offer equipment financing, asset-based lending, and other short-term loan options. We provide the flexibility that helps your company get the cash it needs to continue to operate and achieve the next level of growth.

With factoring it’s not a loan. Your funding the money you’ve already earned.

Why Viva Capital?

Not only do we provide your business with the working capital it needs, but we’re there to support you in handling all your collection needs. We understand that you and your team are focused on operations, and may not have time to spend in the office, dealing with your receivables. Collections can be time consuming and expensive.  So, let Viva Capital Funding support your business and get the financing you need so that you can focus on growing and getting the most out of your business.

As a factor, we’ve been working with manufacturers for over twenty years. We know how the industry works through experience. We also have experience running businesses that make use of financing. What separates us from the rest is our knowledge of both sides. When it comes to choosing a financier, you should choose one that not only understands the business but also the business owner. That’s Viva Capital Funding.


I decided to move forward with Viva Capital Funding and leave my previous factoring company because Viva was willing to understand the needs of my business. My transition was very smooth. They made things simple and moved over my account with no hassle.

David L. | Manufacturing | Texas

Turn your invoices into immediate cash.

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