Alternative Transportation Financing Option Picking Up Steam

Trucking companies choosing transport factoring over bank loans and lines of credit for ease-of-use and benefits, new Viva Capital report shows.

Applying Customer-focused strategies while invoicing.

Viva Capital’s latest report shows small businesses that apply customer-focused strategies while invoicing see greater profits and attract more new customers.

Small Businesses Seeking Best Funding Options Overlook Key Solutions

Two-thirds of small business owners dip into personal funds for business needs, a new Viva Capital report says.

Small Businesses Needlessly Plagued by Underfunding, New Report Shows

Working capital specialists say the gap could be closed if small businesses looked to alternative sources like invoice factoring.

Delinquent Payments Maintain Stronghold on Small Businesses

Invoice factoring company Viva Capital notes that despite modest improvements in payment speeds, the B2B sector's pandemic recovery is slow.

Extending Credit Through Net 30-Day Terms Risky.

The factoring company cautions businesses to go beyond traditional net 30-day invoicing terms to accelerate post-COVID business recovery

Viva Capital Funding Announces Multiple New Hires

Viva Capital Funding is excited to announce four new hires in the fields of Account Management, Account Support and Marketing.

Introducing Sarah Williams as VP of Sales

In this new role, Ms. Williams will be responsible for implementing the strategy and direction of the company’s sales and marketing departments.

Top Three Reasons Trucking Companies Go Bankrupt

Take the time find the top three reasons trucking companies go bankrupt and understand financing options for a company’s financial survival.

Website Press Release

Viva Capital Funding is excited to announce the unveiling of its redesigned website which went live on January 1, 2018.