Acquiring new equipment to grow your business can be expensive, and traditional lines of credit aren’t always an option, so business owners should investigate the best equipment financing companies for solutions. At Viva Capital, our experienced colleagues are here to help your company continue to grow through our expertise in equipment financing.

Whether you need trucks, trailers, tanks, cranes, bulldozers, or even advanced manufacturing and medical equipment, it’s important for you to have a partner that understands your industry. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, Viva Capital’s management team has the tools to get you the equipment you need to grow.

When Do I Need an Equipment Financing Company? 

The answer is simple; experienced equipment financing companies know the industry and will work with you, in a partnership, to find the best financial solution for you. Whether you are expanding or growing your business, if you need to keep up with customer demands, or even if you want to upgrade your equipment in order to be more efficient, we are the people to help you with the right amount and the right type of equipment financing.

Another question you may ask is:  “Why should I use Viva Capital?”  Well, that is a good question, and once again, the answer is simple; we understand your needs and know that when equipment is financed correctly, it adds value to your business.

At Viva Capital Funding, we offer various types of equipment financing solutions. We don’t think the same as other traditional banks and lenders think; for instance, we do not hesitate to issue equipment loans to new businesses or companies in the construction, manufacturing, healthcare, or transportation industries. We have been lending to these industries for many years, and we are always happy to provide fast financing of up to 100%

Types of Equipment Financing Solutions

Viva Capital offers equipment financing for companies in a variety of sectors that traditional financial institutions won’t usually consider. These include the following:

  • Transportation: Our transportation equipment financing solutions allow for the acquisition of new trucking and shipping equipment to help you expand the scale and scope of your transport company.
  • Manufacturing: Purchase those new machines you need to boost your production to the next level.
  • Healthcare: Equip your medical facility with the cutting-edge tools you need to provide the best possible healthcare services.
  • Construction: Upgrade the types and number of projects you are able to take on with an expanded inventory of building tools and machinery. 

Equipment Financing Success Story

Learn how one of Viva Capital’s clients, Sun City Pallets, was able to grow their revenue by 400% and quadruple their workforce in just two years.

Benefits of Business Equipment Financing

When you need to acquire new equipment, you often have to do so quickly, either to minimize gaps in productivity or to accelerate your growth. Therefore, when applying for finance to facilitate these upgrades, you need to get your hands on the funds as quickly as possible and on reasonable terms. 

Because we offer fast and efficient service for any equipment loan, we make it possible for you to take your equipment home today! That is why the only option is to go with Viva Capital Funding – your partner in equipment loans and financing. For more information, contact us today.

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