Healthcare is a very complicated industry. As former commercial bankers who have worked within the industry, we’ve dealt with everything from government laws to non-assignment regulations and the complicated revenue cycle of daily operations. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and are ready to put our experience to work for you. Not many in our line of work can make that claim.

What We Offer

What We Offer - In healthcare, invoices and/or insurance claims can take several months to be paid. Do not wait on the insurance companies or individual patients for payment. Viva Capital can make a meaningful difference to your company by working with your team to provide a reliable revenue cycle. Get immediate cash while your staff continues to fine tune your operations.

Asset and equipment-based financing is another way Viva can help your business grow. A fully functional hospital has millions of dollars in equipment. Working with Viva Capital to properly structure your equipment debt will allow your company to maximize working capital and a provide a path to revenue growth.

Reverse factoring, which is one of the services that separates us from our competition, can be of tremendous benefit to a successful and growing healthcare business. Purchasing supplies for your hospital is expensive, and when your revenue cycle is unpredictable, it may take months before you are comfortable paying your suppliers. This can add unneeded stress to the relationship. With reverse factoring, you can get the payment to your supplier immediately. This commitment to expedited payment may allow for additional discounts in return for the expedited payment. In addition, we make it possible to pay your suppliers at once, streamlining your accounts payable and converting that department from a cost center to a profit center by implementing this rebate structure.

Why Viva Capital?

To put it simply, we have the expertise you want and the experience you need. We understand the nuances of the healthcare industry in a way that others don’t. That’s why we offer the services we do in order to better serve the industry.

Healthcare is a complicated field, but the financing aspect doesn’t have to be. We work fast, and we are reliable. Let Viva Capital Funding structure a tailored solution to meet your company’s needs.


Viva Capital Funding was able to structure a working capital solution for my company when we needed it most. We had just purchased one of our competitors and as luck would have it, our Medicare receivables were delayed. We spoke to other banks and finance companies who were not able to provide a working capital solution within our required time frame. Viva Capital Funding came through on time and as promised. We have had a great experience with Viva Capital Funding and recommend them to anyone in the healthcare industry. We will use Viva Capital for our future growth opportunities.

Joshua K. | Healthcare | Indiana

Turn your invoices into immediate cash.

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