Many factors choose to focus solely on factoring services. However, we’re here to help you determine what financing option is best for your small business. Viva Capital offers a wide range of services to help small business owners meet their company’s short-term financing needs.

Reverse Factoring

In the service provider/customer relationship, it is often beneficial for the customer to initiate the factoring process. With reverse factoring, you can make sure your suppliers are paid promptly, while not changing your accounts payable process.

Asset-Based Lending

If you own a company that is heavy in certain asset types and are faced with a growth opportunity, it may be difficult to find traditional funding or lines of credit based on your historical cash flow. At Viva Capital Funding, we understand that! Asset-based lending is an effective small business financing alternative. We offer financing against your non-traditional assets, so you can meet your business needs with the resources at hand.

Fuel Cards

Once we get you the money you need, we want to help your company spend it as efficiently as possible. That’s why we offer our customers in the trucking industry fuel discount cards to save thousands of dollars on your most vital expense.

Short-Term Financing

Certain businesses sometimes need a cash infusion to meet seasonal needs, equipment purchases, or new contract opportunities. To meet these needs, traditional financing options, such as loan programs, can be slow and undesirable for your immediate cash needs. In these cases, short-term financing is ideal.

Equipment Financing

Equipment can be difficult to value for some traditional lenders. Commercial banks don’t always understand the value of your machinery. We do! This is why we offer equipment financing as a specialized type of funding for small businesses that need access to capital to buy, maintain, or fix the equipment that is essential to the success of their business. At Viva Capital Funding, we can get you the money you need for the equipment you use every day.

Venture Debt Financing

For start-up companies, financing is a difficult road to navigate. Small business loans for start-ups are difficult to get approved for, and if your company does manage to get approved, the interest rates can be very high. Another option is equity-based financing, but this means you end up with much less ownership once the company becomes profitable. With venture debt financing, however, you can raise the same amount of capital without diluting your equity, making it n attractive option for financing your start-up business.

Viva Capital Funding quick pay construction factoring program

Construction Quick Pay

At Viva Capital, we understand how important it is for businesses in the construction industry to keep their projects on schedule and maintain good relationships with subcontractors. One way construction companies can achieve these goals is with our Quick Pay Program, which was designed to boost your profitability, help you gain control over your finances, and ensure that subcontractors are paid on time.

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