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Accountants, engineers, marketing consultants, security providers, and janitorial/maintenance companies may seem like they have nothing in common.  However, they’re all service providers, which means cash flow can be inconsistent or delayed by slow-paying clients, but these industries all need capital to pay their employees and expenses and expand their business. 

What We Offer

The best way to remedy a slow period or any down point is through factor financing. You likely have a mountain of accounts receivable. With factoring, you can turn those into immediate cash in your account. When you turn your invoices over to us, we handle the collections, and you get working capital right away.

Why Viva Capital?

Our priority is you. We will work quickly to meet your demands. Factoring is a tool to inject money into your business immediately. Why bother going through the process if it takes days to get approved? With Viva Capital, we can usually get you approved and funded the same day.

Second, make it simple for you. We believe that a key advantage of factoring is that you can simplify on your end. You don’t need a collections team calling multiple clients. You don’t need an accounts receivable department managing your incoming payments (or lack thereof). So, why would we want to make the factoring process difficult? Factoring is about simplicity.

Cash flow for service providers can be hard to manage. Your clients’ priorities don’t include making sure your employees get paid. So, if you prefer to get your funds rather than wait 30-90 days, Viva Capital Funding can help.

Turn your invoices into immediate cash.

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