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VIVA CAPITAL helped Top of the Line Healthcare Staffing boost revenue by roughly 1000% and increase its workforce from 6 to 197 in less than one year.

Alisa Applewhite
Top of the Line Healthcare Staffing

Launching a Winning Business During a Pandemic

“Just like my employees, I have been a CNA, LPN, and RN,” Top of the Line Healthcare Staffing CEO Alisa Applewhite explains. Having come from a healthcare background and weathering the early days of the pandemic providing patient care, Applewhite has a unique understanding of the challenges and impact of healthcare staffing.

“I created Top of the Line Healthcare Staffing to provide excellent nurses and medical staff to working facilities,” says Applewhite. “My mission is to change the patient view on healthcare by restoring compassion, integrity, and trust to every staff, every patient, and every client.”

Despite bringing a much-needed service to market in May 2021, Applewhite knew she’d have a challenging time funding payroll for her North Carolina startup. “I started with limited funds and had put all the money I had into starting my business,” she explains.

“They made me feel important and I could tell they cared about my business and helping me achieve my goals.”

Funding Payroll with Invoice Factoring by Viva Capital

Applewhite began researching payroll funding solutions before Top of the Line launched. “I was a brand-new business owner, and I was so new to payroll, but I was not new to nursing,” she continues. At the end of her initial call with Viva, her contact told Applewhite to call back once she had everything in place. “I honestly thought that was the end of the conversation,” she recalls. To Applewhite’s surprise, her contact continued emailing and calling every few weeks to ensure everything was on track to fund her first payroll.

Choosing Viva’s invoice factoring to fund Top of the Line’s payroll was a “no-brainer,” Applewhite says. Her initial contact had “become family,” and everyone else she was introduced to share the same enthusiasm for helping Applewhite understand the funding process and setting her business up for success. 

Viva Capital Funding and Top of the Line Healthcare Staffing Solutions case study with payroll factoring services

Being able to consistently cover payroll through Viva’s invoice factoring services enables Top of the Line to attract and retain the best talent, while empowering the team to elevate patient care across a variety of healthcare facilities including long-term care facilities, long-term acute care facilities, doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals. As a result, company revenue has grown by approximately 1000% in less than a year and Top of the Line has expanded its workforce from just six to 197.

Growing into a Franchise

“In the next three to five years, my plan is to franchise all over the United States, bringing Top of The Line Healthcare staff who have genuine compassion for the profession to facilities and all patients throughout the U.S.,” Applewhite continues.

With ongoing invoice factoring through Viva, and higher limits that align with her growing business, Applewhite feels confident Top of the Line will get there. It’s not only the funding that matters to Applewhite, though. “The right factoring partner, like Viva Capital Funding, doesn’t just give you money, they give you knowledge on your industry,” she says. “From the start, they made me feel important and I could tell they cared about my business and helping me achieve my goals.”

Viva Capital Funding helping Top of the Line Healthcare Staffing with Payroll Factoring to help them with their goal of franchising.

Solved by Equipment Financing with Viva

With decades of experience across multiple industries and a variety of funding solutions, Viva can help whether you have payroll funding needs, want to accelerate growth, or simply need to accelerate cash flow. To learn more or get started, request a complimentary rate quote.

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