As a business invoice factoring company for Los Angeles, Viva Capital Funding, LLC, one of the top factoring companies in Los Angeles, CA, is ready to partner with you. Having funded companies in numerous industries over the past 20 years, we know the difficulties that come with starting and developing a business. We support your business by getting the financing you need to get the most out of your business.

Industries That Use Los Angeles Companies

While factoring solutions are suitable for almost all B2B transactions, industries in Los Angeles that most frequently use factoring financing include:

Let Viva Capital Funding partner with your Los Angeles business to turn your invoices into immediate cash.

Invoice Factoring Companies in Los Angeles, California

Invoice factoring allows you to get your invoices paid within 24 – 48 hours rather than having to wait the usual 30 – 120 days for your customers to pay.

Does your business need an injection of cash, be it to cover your expenses or to help you expand? Then you can sell your outstanding invoices to invoice finance brokers who pay you most of the invoice amount and get control of your accounts receivable. Once your debtors pay the factoring company directly and in full, the remaining invoice amount – minus their fee – is wired to your account.

While a bank loan is slow, tedious, and is a form of debt, factors offer almost instant working capital. On top of that, banks apply stringent stipulations and charge interest, whereas factoring companies in Los Angeles are more flexible because you are paid what you are already owed.

How it works is comprised of just six steps:

  1. First, a customer places an order with you.
  2. Then, the creditworthiness of your customer is checked through Viva Capital Funding.
  3. Next, complete and deliver the order to the verified customer.
  4. After that, sell your invoices to Viva Capital and receive the payment within 24-48 hours.
  5. Lastly, let Viva Capital’s accounts receivables experts manage the collection process. We’ll then pay you the remaining balance, minus a small fee.
  6. You can keep tabs on your invoices 24/7 with our Accounts Receivable Reporting.

About Los Angeles, CA

Famous for its temperate climate, Los Angeles enjoys an outdoor lifestyle year-round. Angelenos can explore pristine beaches, scenic hiking trails and camping sites, outstanding dining, fine and performing arts, and music.

The first pobladores del pueblo de los Ángeles were a motley crew of eleven families from African, Indian, and Spanish backgrounds. This melting pot of different cultures has persevered, and Los Angeles values diversity and inclusion.

Home to a population of 4 million people, Los Angeles, CA is one of the best places to live in California.

The Economy of Los Angeles

Although most associated with the entertainment industry, the creative energy of Los Angeles is not limited to Hollywood. L.A.’s Economic and Workforce Development Department expressed it best, “Los Angeles is where the pioneers come to innovate and turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s innovations.

Los Angeles boasts:

  • One of the most dynamic economies in the world
  • A fast-growing tech hub
  • Global dominance in the creative economy – now so intertwined with tech
  • Growth in the aerospace and advanced transportation industry
  • The largest manufacturing base in the nation
  • The U.S.’s largest international trade industry
  • Burgeoning venture capital investment in start-ups
  • Innovatory employers
  • A supportive environment for entrepreneurs

Additionally, the City of Los Angeles continues to invest in transportation infrastructure, housing, education, and workforce development to make it the preferred destination to start and expand a business.

Los Angeles Business Resources

Business owners in Los Angeles are encouraged to access resources, networks, and programs by joining forces with associations such as:

The LA Business Portal houses a library of content and resources that help plan, start, manage, and grow small businesses. When SMEs (subject matter experts) succeed, the city’s economy and communities do too.

The Los Angeles Business Source Center provides inexpensive business support services, financial assistance, entrepreneurial guidance, and economic development programs.

Invoice factoring is a great way to allow your Los Angeles, CA business to grow. If you decide to sell your invoices to a factoring company, contact one of the top factoring companies in Los Angeles, CA, Viva Capital Funding, LLC, today.

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